The road to WrestleMania 29 has officially began after WWE's Royal Rumble last night and for all the wrestling fans new and old things have changed.

This years's rumble started off with the Big Show taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in a last man standing match for the title. Which before this match Big Show had lost the title in the same match a few weeks ago he was on a mission to regain the title again from Del Rio, but came up short in regaining the title once again.

As the night went on the Royal Rumble match that puts 30 superstars in a over the top rope match for the chance to headline Wrestlemania fighting for one the top Championships. After the smoke clears John Cena was on top being the last man in the ring earning the chance for a championship match.

Now the main match of the night was putting the current champion CM Punk vs the great one The Rock for the WWE Championship. This Feud started back in July when Punk knocked The Rock out, but Rock didn't forget what he did and rock bottom Punk three weeks ago. Setting the Match Rock vs Punk for the title which turned out to be a good match ending with The Rock taking the championship from Punk. Meaning The Rock is back in wrestling after 10 years for who knows how long, after Wrestlemania 29?

haikazorla @ Flickr
haikazorla @ Flickr


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