Introducing the "World's First Automated Burrito Kiosk". Their slogan is "Burritos Taste Better From The Future".


WHOA! My mind has just been blown! First, I love burritos, and just heard about the new way to eat burritos..... from a vending machine?

Don't know how much safer the food is compared to Taco Bell, but the new Burritobox claims to be "The world's first interactive kiosk to deliver a hot, healthy and delicious burrito while on the go. The burritos are 100% all natural with no hormones or antibiotics.

Here are the steps to building your burrito:

1. Choose From 6 Hand-Rolled Burritos
2. Pick Your Side (Hot Sauce, Guacamole, Sour Cream)
3. Watch A Music Video While You Wait
4. In Less Than 60 Seconds Your Burrito Will Be Ready & You Can Enjoy!

I wonder if they will be anything like this:

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