New duo 17 Memphis are ready to take listeners on a tropical getaway -- at least a mental one. Readers can press play below to hear "Cancun," the pair's brand-new song, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

17 Memphis members Felix Snow and Chelsea Todd first heard "Cancun" in a bar, through iPod headphones -- but they were sold immediately. "I told him we had to have it," Snow remembers. They aimed for "a progressive twist on country [and] tropical music" in their final version.

"[It's] Cancun for the brain. We got Ableton, vocal chops, pedal steel and violin all in a modern stew. Chelsea sounds gorgeous on the vox as always," Snow says. "This has been one of our favorites for a while, and we are excited to see it come out into the world."

Snow and Todd, as 17 Memphis, are ready to break the rules when it comes to their sound. He's a Connecticut native who grew up listening to the Grateful Dead and the Beach Boys and has written and produced for, among others, pop star Katy Perry and rapper Young Thug; she's a girl from small-town Texas who got her start singing Patsy Cline. Todd's pop project, TYSM, was signed to Snow's label, EFFESS Records, when a stop in Memphis, Tenn., on a 2016 cross-country road trip inspired the now-couple to form their country-with-a-twist duo.

"Cancun" is the latest in a series of singles released by 17 Memphis; they also dropped an EP in 2018. Fans can keep up with the pair at

Listen to 17 Memphis' "Cancun"

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