With the ringing in of the new year, comes a new set of laws that take effect around Texas. State legislators passed 26 new laws that took effect as the clock struck midnight on January 1st. However, not all 26 will effect most of us on a day by day basis. Here is a breakdown of the top 3 laws you should know for 2018. And in case you want to check out all 26, here's the link.


  • Credit: Washington Post
    Credit: Washington Post

    Photo ID for Credit and Debit Card Purchases

    Senate Bill 1381

    This allows retailers to require shoppers to show a photo ID that matches the name on their credit or debit card. The hope is that this will help consumers during security breaches by adding another layer of protection.

  • Credit: MrGarageDoor.com
    Credit: MrGarageDoor.com

    Easier Voter ID Requirements

    Senate Bill 5

    The new law allows voters who have a “reasonable impediment” to getting a photo ID, to show things like a bank statement or paycheck as a form of identification. But, if you are found to be lying about the inability to obtain an ID, you could be facing jail time.

  • Credit: Motus.com
    Credit: Motus.com

    Electronic Odometer Readings

    Senate Bill 1062

    If you have ever sold a car privately, you know if can be a hassle. This law is designed to help speed the process up for vehicle owners and insurance companies. This law creates an electronic version of the paper form for the odometer disclosure.

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