The video is hard to watch as a 3 year old toddler is tortured by other kids while playing outside. After the video surfaced many people instantly brought race into the issue seeing that the little girl is white and the other kids are black. It doesn't help that the video was titled "When White People Pi*# Of Black People".

Since the video was released the father of the black children has received threatening phone calls. The man had did not know about the video or that it had been published online. He quickly made an apology and stated that "This is not how my children are being raised and any and all of their internet privileges have been taken away."

Below are the two videos. The first of the uncut "bullying" incident, and the other from a news station that interviewed both fathers. What are your thoughts? Would you consider this to by racially motivated, bullying, or just kids being kids.

Uncut Video

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