Those who are familiar with tornado season and severe weather season know what precautions to take during this time of year.

Now, I know most people know this is common sense, but some may be new to the area or never thought to keep these items handy.

However, being a former resident of Phoenix, Arizona we don't experience weather remarkably close to what the panhandle sees. Here are a few items you should keep in your makeshift shelter or actual shelter during severe weather season.



    When in a hurry to take shelter make sure you have boots or shoes near you. When tornadoes rip through areas, lots of sharp debris is on the ground. Things like glass, nails, splinters, etc. can hurt your feet.

  • Water and Sustenance

    Water is just essential to human life. Keep bottles of water to drink in case you're trapped in your shelter. In extreme circumstances, you can keep wounds clean. If you want to really prep you can purchase MREs and they last about 5 years before they expire.

  • Leashes

    We have seen videos of people losing their pets in severe weather situations. Invest in leashes, keep extra leashes in your shelter. Clip them to your pet when taking cover.

  • Weather Radio

    These can be annoying to have, but you can get a cheap weather radio for $35 on Amazon, they can have built-in flashlights, and wind up to charge. These are a great investment.

  • Battery Pack for Mobile Devices.

    It's hard to keep our phones charged at all times, and these days a lot of people are cutting their landline and going mobile. Keeping a battery pack to charge cellphones is good for contacting first responders, marking yourself safe, or posting that you need help. Also, you never know when your neighbors might need an extra charge.

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