We walked around the office to see what apps everyone uses that are beneficial to their everyday life.

These are just a few apps we really enjoy. The average smartphone user has about 26 apps. But some people in our office have up to 100 apps installed on their phones.

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    101.9 The Bull APP

    Y'all, we have our own app now! 101.9 The Bull is always in the palm of your hand. Catch up on the latest country music, country entertainment news, call us from the app, request songs, and so much more! Check it out!

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    Banking Apps

    One thing I like to check is my bank account. I like to budget my life on the go. No need to run home and update my checkbook I can do it from my phone safely and secured.

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    Radar Cast

    We can get some serious weather here in the panhandle, I like to make sure I'm up to date on weather alerts and if we are in a severe storm situation, I like to see the radar when I'm taking cover. No more blindly taking cover.

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    Offer Up

    So I am a cheapskate, and nothing is better than an online 27/7 yard sale to pick up goods. I've gotten TVs, furniture, and awesome deals on shoes and more. Great app to use.

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    Let Go

    Let Go is like Offer Up another excuse to shop online without paying full price. People in Amarillo and all over the panhandle have great items up for sale. Wheel and deal my friends!

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