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I was pretty bummed out when I opened the Think Dirty app on my phone and found out it had nothing at all to do with dirty thoughts. It's a health oriented app, that still has nothing to do with thinking dirty.

The app allows you to scan barcodes of products, and then they give you a breakdown on the ingredients in that product. They then show you if any of those ingredients could be considered "problematic."

Initially I thought this was a neat way to stay up on any kind of recalls or prevent an allergic reaction. Then I started noticing something.

The app makes recommendations for products. A lot of recommendations. A majority of those recommendations are for "organic" products. I was having flashbacks to that time I dated a vegan and lost twenty pounds thanks to the "organic" cuisine I had to choke down every time she cooked.

My real beef with the app started when my wife began scanning the baby lotion, wipes, and things like that.

The products would come back with a laundry list of "problematic" ingredients, including fragrances. That's all it said. Fragrances. And somehow that was the most problematic ingredient in our baby lotion.

The answer according to Think Dirty? High priced, organic lotion.

I'm all for information. Knowledge is power. But it really seems like this app is just a way to hock high priced, boutique, "organic" shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume, and so on.

If you've been using a product for a long time without any issues, you don't need a click-bait titled app to tell you that you need to switch. Stay happy.

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