I was shocked recently when I went to check my mail and we had a phone book waiting for us. I can't remember the last time I used one. Here are 8 things you could possibly do with that phone book that just got delivered.


I've actually seen this one in the wild. My grandfather used a stack of phone books to keep a door propped open. Thinking about it, I'm not sure if they actually did a good job holding the door open, or if he just needed a place for his collection. Either way, this one way to reuse all those dead trees covered in phone numbers.

Booster Seat

As a kid, there were several times at the dinner table when I would sit on a small stack of phone books so I could reach my food. Even though it is definitely not as safe as our modern booster seats with the safety belts and wide bases, I have to believe it helped me improve my balance and coordination.

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Table Level

I worked in a restaurant that once used a small phone book to keep a table level. Oddly enough, with the right phone book, this actually works pretty well. Added bonus, it sops up whatever liquid might get spilled so there's less clean up.

Thinking about it now, that might be breaking some kind of health code.

Crime Deterrent

Maybe not crime, but I do know that I've caught one of these with the back of my skull and it definitely adjusted my attitude. It wasn't hard enough to do any real damage, but it sure got my attention. Nowadays we have things like time-out and talking to your children, so this may not be the best suggestion.


Trying to start a fire in the fireplace and just can't get it to light? Phone book. The covers may not be the best at getting the job done, but the pages inside will work in a pinch. Just grab a handful and roast some chestnuts.

Arts and Crafts

Grab those white pages and get to making some papier-mache. You can make masks, maracas, and whatever else you can dream up. Sure, newspaper may be better suited for the task, but you have a phone book laying there not doing anything.

Show Everyone That You Don't Really Need That Gym Membership

Tear it. Tear it in half. Grab that phone book and give it what-for. Ripping a phone book in half actually isn't that hard, and after you get good at tearing the smaller ones you can move up to the more impressive ones.

Next time someone tells you to get a gym membership, just grab the phone book and rip it. Sure they'll cringe and roll their eyes, but that's one conversation that is definitely over.

DIY Stash Box

Depending on where you live, phone books can get pretty thick. Hollow out the middle of it and store whatever you want inside. I can almost guarantee that no one will ever pick up the phone book to randomly flip through.

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