Easter Treats: How to Make Bird’s Nests
The excitement builds around every holiday.  I like to see what kind of cool treats I can make for my son.  This year I am trying a new recipe for some bird's nest!  They were super easy and came out looking amazing.
How To Make Green Beer With Or Without Food Coloring [VIDEO]
It is St. Patrick's Day!  That means every local bar, pub and even some restaurants will be serving up pints of green beer.  Now is you would love to celebrate by drinking green beer but don't feel like leaving the comforts of your home, here's how you can do it!
Family Night
With school back in session, families routines and schedules have changed.  But that doesn't mean the family fun has to stop.  Chick-Fil-A on S. Georgia is hosting a family night once a week throughout September.
Unique Ways To Use Your Perfume
I don't know about you, but when I find a perfume fragrance that I love, I can't get enough.  Here are some different ways you can use your favorite fragrance.
How to Make Play Dough Out of Leftover Peeps
When it comes to Easter one of the many things our kids will find in their Easter baskets is Peeps.  Bunny Peeps, chick Peeps,  pink Peeps, blue Peeps, purple Peeps, here a Peep, there a Peep, everywhere a Peep, Peep.  A Lot of the time those Peeps, get old and hard and get thrown in …
How to Make Your Own Confetti Eggs for Easter
Confetti eggs may be a bit messy but they are absolutely fun to have for Easter.  Kids love them, adults love them because there is something fun about cracking and egg over somebody's head.  What's even better is that they are extremely easy to make.  In fact, check out jus…
Easy Christmas Gifts: Homemade Vanilla Extract
If you have friends or family who love to bake then this would make the perfect gift for the holiday.  I love to bake and I love to use premium vanilla extract in my dishes.  As I was wasting time on the internet one day I came across a recipe for homemade vanilla extract.  So I thoug…
Life Hack: How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent
Do you ever get tired of spending tons of money on a tiny bottle or even a tiny box of laundry detergent only to turn around and spend more because it is gone already.  One of my pet peeves was spending a ton of money on detergent.  Then one day I ran across a recipe for homemade laundry d…