The excitement builds around every holiday.  I like to see what kind of cool treats I can make for my son.  This year I am trying a new recipe for some bird's nest!  They were super easy and came out looking amazing.

When you think of a bird's nest, it doesn't sound to appetizing.  But these do!  They took no time at all and look so cute.  Here's what you'll need:

Pretzel Sticks

White melting chocolate

Mini Peeps Candy

Candy Eggs

First, you get the chocolate and melt it.  Once it is melted, you mix the pretzels into it.  Form your nests.  Now, while the chocolate is still melty, place the peeps and eggs on the nests so they will stick.

That is it.  Not a lot of work and super fun to make and for the kids!  This would even be a fun little project to do with the kids for Easter.  Enjoy!

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

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