No you can't get coronavirus from drinking a Corona. Yes, people have been googling that to find out that you can't. I worry about people sometimes. Yes, coronavirus has been all over the news lately.

How can you protect yourself. Would wearing a face mask do anything to stop the spread? An  expert said probably not. What could and will help you the most to avoid this disease? The same thing we harp on time and time again during cold and flu season.

You need to be washing your hands. You really can not wash them too much.

The only time this expert says a mask would be a good idea is if you are going to be in a crowded space in the the middle of an outbreak. It would be considered overkill otherwise and here are some of the reasons:

Coronavirus and the flu just doesn't spread easily outdoors. If you will be confined on a bus or plane it probably wouldn't hurt. Generally just being outside not so much.

If you were wearing a mask and it did block the virus guess what? It would just stick to your mask. So if you take off the mask and you are not careful you just got it all over your hands.

You would also need to change your mask each and every day. Probably wouldn't hurt to change it twice a day. Once it is contaminated you need to throw the mask out. The problem with that is there is no way to tell if it is contaminated. So basically unless you are changing your mask often it would be pointless to wear one.

Again the best way to avoid getting coronavirus or even the flu will be to keep washing your hands. Even if the germs are airborne you will have a better chance of getting the virus by touching something that was contaminated. So washing up frequently is your best line of defense.

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