She died in 1995 and was ready to be buried in her casket, but one family decided to store their dead grandmother inside a storage unit in Florida.


When the owner a storage unit facility called a family to remind them that they were behind on paying their bill for their storage unit he had found out some pretty creepy information.

The owner called the family warning them that if they do not pay their late payment for their storage unit that he will auction off their belongings inside. But the family said that he couldn't auction off all the stuff inside because their dead grandmother is inside the storage unit.

Freaked out, the owner immediately called the police to get them to come and check out the unit. The owner waited for the police to arrive before he even opened up the storage unit. When they opened it up they found a blue casket inside. The family had their grandmother prepped and ready for her burial but never did bury her, instead they have been storing her in their storage unit for 17 years.

The situation is still under investigation but at this time it looks like no files will be charged.

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