I'm not calling this an epidemic... more of a nuisance... here's how it goes and follow along with me because we all been there. You're making your way around the parking lot at insert whatever store you wish here and you think you found parking nirvana because theres a space three spots in near the entrance and right as you're about to pull in... you get this goodness:

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Instead of putting the cart back where it belongs as shown above. Some fine person decided that leaving it in the middle of the parking spot was "good enough." You simply find another spot and move on with your life but a part of you secretly under your breath or in your mind may have let out a quick expiative in disgust. Don't lie... we all do and that's okay.

We figure the folks who do these are class one uh... well.. for the sake of this article I'll keep it clean and call them airheads. Yeah... that works. You want to scream because not more than a few spaces down there's a cart return. So what gives? Believe it or not there is actually research on the types of folks who do this sort of stuff and according to the Scientific American and research  they pretty much fall into a few groups that I'm over-dramatizing

  • Folks who Return - Yep, we love this guy, follows the rules to a T and returns their cart. might even grab a stray on the way. These are the folks who will ultimately save the world.
  • Folks Who Don't Return - The whole reason we're here. they figure someone else will take care of things for them. This is also the person who wars get started by and all that is wrong with the world begins with.
  • If It's Not Out of My Way Guy - Look, I'll bring it back if there's a place near by, but I'm not really gonna put in that work. But hey, my heart's in the right place right? Right!?
  • The Guilty Party - Ok, I see you watching me... I'll put it back. I can't believe I gotta deal with this today... what's next!?
  • The Kid Coordinator - I won't but hey, let's let the kids do it! it's a great game!

Among the reasons we don't are too many to list but the main ones, include it's too far, I can't leave the kids in the car, It's someone else's job, I'll leave it for someone else to use among others.

It's not too much to take a cart back right? I mean a few feet wont kill you. Just think of others. A little courtesy goes a long way. We got enough problems in the world and getting rid of this one would be nice. Just Sayin'

Or perhaps I'm just a little peeved that one of them dinged my car...

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