We know that the cost of college is just a lot these days. We also know that a college education is very valuable. If you could get some free money to help, would you want it? I mean especially if it's pretty easy to be on your way to winning?

Oh, and did I mention that not only is there one chance to win but there are actually three different scholarships. One of which could be yours, or for someone you love. It's easy.

You can help out others and also help yourself. Right now the Coffee Memorial Blood Center really is at pretty low levels. They could use all the blood donations that are offered.

In exchange, you can help keep the memory of Brittany Fly-Sims alive. Her husband, Arron Sims helps to make this all possible. So here is the deal. You come by Coffee Memorial Blood Center on April 26th. They will be hosting the B-Fly Blood Drive from 9 am - 7 pm.

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During that time when you give blood, you can nominate yourself, a

friend, or a family member for one of those scholarships. There will be three scholarship's given away that evening at the end of the blood drive.

That money can really help someone get one step closer to their college degree.

credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center
credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center

Not only will you be entered into the drawing for the scholarships but there are other incentives too. You will get two different shirts. One representing the B-Fly Blood Drive, you will also get the shirt for the month of April.

Your dog needs to be stylish too so how about a pet bandana for them. If that is not enough you can get a free pass to both Amp'd and a fun day out at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

So make the plans to give of yourself for the memory of Brittany Fly-Sims and help the blood supply too. You can make an appointment or just show up that day at 7500 Wallace Blvd.

We will see you there.

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