Amarillo has seen a lot of fires in the last year, and one of the most important things to remember is, always have working smoke detectors in your home.  They can save your life.

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On Sunday, July 16th at 11:01 am the Amarillo Fire Department responded to a 911 call reporting an outside fire at 2402 N.W. 1st.

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The camper fire was located behind the residence and was threatening to spread to another structure in the area.  At that time AFD called for a 1st alarm response to the area.  On arrival, firefighters found that a camper located on the residence was on fire.  AFD was able to have the fire under control in 5 minutes.  Firefighters had to force their way into the camper, where they found two people deceased.

The Fire Mashal was notified of the fire and began an investigation into the cause of the fire.  As of this time, the cause of the fire is undetermined.    The identification of the two deceased has not been released.

The damages to the property are estimated at $1200.

Four fire trucks responded to the fire with 2 command units, and 18 firefighters were involved in the extinguishing of the fire.   Kudos to the Amarillo Fire Department for their quick response time.  They received the call at 11:01 am, on location by 11:05 am, and had the fire under control by 11:10 am.

Again, no matter the structure, home, apartment, or camper, always have a functioning smoke detector in your home.


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