Tomorrow is a big day here in Amarillo, and it's a very important day on top of it.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center is holding their big Community Blood Drive and they need your help...and they're making it worth your while.

The event will be held at 7500 Wallace Blvd, Coffee Memorial's home base building.

The blood supply in the city is extremely low, and they are trying to avoid having a blood emergency. Just think, God forbid something happen to you to where you need blood in order to survive, and they can't help you immediately as they wait for blood to be brought in from somewhere else.

I think that's the last thing in the world anyone would want, right? As if donating blood to help save lives isn't enough, they've taken it a step further to entice you to come out and give blood.

Their goal is to get 200 people to sign up to donate, doesn't seem like a whole lot in a city of 200,000 people right? Well, they're only sitting at 40 people signed up at the moment and that's pretty concerning if you ask me.

If you come out and donate at the big event, you'll go home feeling good about yourself knowing your blood will be helping someone stay alive. However, you'll also go home wth a pretty loaded goodie bag as a thank you.

Once you donate, they'll hand you a bevy of stuff which will include a free Wonderland WOW pass, a t-shirt, a coupon for a free gallon of Plains Dairy milk, and a free pint of ice cream from Blue Bell.

Seems like a pretty good incentive right? So come on Amarillo, let's band together and help our own!

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