Amarillo has many businesses and many buildings, and some of those buildings seemed cursed.  It's almost as if they are haunted by the ghosts of businesses past.

Amarillo has more than one of these buildings, but today I want to focus on the building at 3201 Wolflin Ave.  In the last 15 years, this building has been at least 5 different businesses.

Aaron's Rental - 2008

A rent to own business

Google Maps
Google Maps

Amarillo Antique Mall Collectibles - 2013 - May 2015

A place where people could rent booths and sell their antique, collectibles and merchandise.

Grasshoppers Bounce and Party House - 2017 - 2018

A fun place to bounce until you were silly.  A business full of bouncers perfect for birthday parties.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Global Rug Liquidators - 2019

This place sold different oriental rugs

attachment-Oriental Rugs 2019

Fish Pros - Current

This is the current business that occupies this building.  They provide all your aquarium needs.

No business wants to go out of business, however, it seems that some buildings in Amarillo just have that curse.  Luckily, Fish Pros has been in the building longer that the others, and it is an established business here in Amarillo.

This is just another reason to get out and support local businesses in Amarillo.  Since the building was an Aaron's Rental, it has been local small businesses.   It takes patrons to keep the doors open.  So help keep these businesses open and break the curse of this particular building.  Get get some fish and a aquarium.

We'll keep featuring buildings in Amarillo that seemed to be cursed and what businesses that have been in them over the years.

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