Amarillo has some weird street names. Here are a few that are weird listed below:

-Ballybunion Ct.
-Beech St.
-Beefco Rd.
-Big Horn Trl.
-Bob White Trl.
-Chama St.
-Colgate St.
-Cougar Dr.
-Fisk St.
-Ghost Dance Trl.
-Holyoke Trl.
-Iroquois Ave.
-Ivanhoe Dr.
-Jean Ave.
-Juniper Dr.
-Kachina Dr.
-Kukihalo Rd.
-Kuykendall Ln.
-Lazy B Rd.
-Lemon St.
-Looby Ln.
-Mcafee Ln.
-Nevermind Pl.
-N Ong St.
-Nebhut Rd.
-Painted Daisy Pl.
-Peach Tree St.
-Purple Sage Cir.
-Sweetgum Ln.
-W Mobley St.
-Wabash St.
-Winners Cir.
-Yaupon Pl.
-Yucca Ave.
-Yorinewo Dr.
-Zita Rd.

Imagine living on one of these streets and saying, “Oh yeah, I live on Kachina Rd.” The literal translation for that is nasty in Spanish. Whoever came up with these street names was probably laughing their butt off.

My guess is that that person ran out of words to use so they started to come up with random words that didn’t make any sense or started to make a weird combination of them. After doing more research about this, I found out that developers are usually responsible for naming streets.

Developers come up with a street name by naming main streets after people that were heroes or leaders and name other streets by certain traits they want people to identify with that neighborhood.

Developers also name streets after landmarks, topographic features, or location. Who would’ve known this was the reason behind naming streets? The next time you see a weird street name, at least you know why it was named that and possibly the reason behind it.

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