It's always weird to think there are million-dollar homes just down the street from where most of us live. The real question is, who wants to split rent?

This completely gorgeous home is located at 43 Merion Place in North Amarillo right in the center of the Tascosa Golf Club. This home is a 5 bed, 7 baths, 8,891 square foot home. I've always wondered why some homes have more bathrooms than bedrooms. But I forget people in this type of lifestyle probably put on the best house parties, and who wants to run upstairs every time nature calls. Maybe there is a better explanation for it if you know comment why.

According to the Triangle Realty website, the home is in a gated community built in 2013 the house has a stone exterior, wood floors, vaulted ceiling, gas range, double ovens, built-in freaking refrigerator and freezer, and a pantry the size of a bedroom. There is a game room, and a theater with a snack bar, there is an exercise room as well.

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The guest rooms are mini-suites with private baths and walk-in closets. The pool is a saltwater pool with a waterfall hot tub and an outdoor kitchen. Looking up the listing on Zillow your estimated monthly payment for this massive home is $12,410 a month. I'm not sure if the HOA, property taxes, and insurance are calculated into that monthly payment, but I know for a fact with or without I couldn't afford it.

Check out the photos of this home below and let us know what you think in the comments!

43 Merion Pl


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