The Steve Harvey show has grown in popularity over the years.  And now, he is going to have a man from Wildorado on his show.

Today, Steve Harvey is going to be talking about life after prison and rehabilitation.  Former inmate, 37-year-old Brent Riley, will be his guest.  He will talk about his life after prison and how he is determined to break the cycle that lands most inmates back in prison.

Riley first became part of the prison system as a juvenile.  Then in 1999 he was sentence to his first time in prison and many more incarcerations after that.

This last time in prison, Riley participated in the Prisoner Entrepreneurship Program, PEP.  This program is made up of mentors that teach the inmates skills they will need to succeed after they are released.  It is a program aiming at helping the inmates have a better future and to thrive outside of the prison walls.

Riley said that PEP gave him hope because this was the first time he had graduated from anything in his entire life.  The program encouraged him and let him know he didn't have to be a statistic.

The show airs today at 3pm.

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