Aaron Lewis demanded silence, and when his Texas crowd wouldn't give it to him, he left. That was after hastily turning down a request to sing a song in Spanish.

"I'm sorry, I don't know how to speak Spanish. I'm American," Lewis says in video obtained by TMZ. That didn't go over well.

It happened on Saturday night (Feb. 2) at the Pharr Events Center. Crowd members say it was Lewis' last song but — like a patient and demanding kindergarten teacher — he wouldn't start until the crowd was quiet. That's a big ask if alcohol was involved, and judging from some of the hollering happening, it definitely was. Some people shouted Lewis' message (in some very NSFW ways), while others continued to chatter. After about two minutes, Lewis walks back to his microphone, sets his guitar down and says goodnight.


You don't have to go back far to find more instances of Lewis having an unpleasant interaction with the audience. In December, he got into it with a heckler in Indianapolis. In the past he has stood up for a fan he felt was being molested and gone off on fellow country artists. He also stars in a Taste of Country video that shows nine times country stars weren't afraid to fight back:

Response to this latest interaction on social media was mixed, with many saying "That's just Aaron" and others calling him racist. The show was in Pharr, Texas, not far from South Padre Island. A large portion of the population is hispanic.

Musically, Lewis has a new album called The State I'm In planned for 2019. His current tour is called The State I'm In Tour and runs through April 6.

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