Hell hath no fury like an Aaron Lewis interrupted. The singer-songwriter unleashed an expletive-laden tirade on a concertgoer on Friday night (Dec. 14), after the fan reportedly kept interrupting Lewis' performance.

Readers can press play above to watch video of the moment (though, be forewarned: It's decidedly NSFW). TMZ reports that Lewis was playing the 8 Second Saloon in Indianapolis, Ind., and a member of the audience repeatedly yelled out song requests while Lewis was performing.

"Writing this song f--king broke me, and you're yelling out a different song name, you f--king piece of s--t," Lewis said from stage, addressing the concertgoer. He continued by telling the rest of the crowd, "See that bad motherf--ker right there? Make sure he walk out to his f--king car this evening is not all that enjoyable."

Lewis -- the former frontman of the rock band Staind and now a country solo artist -- points out that he only unloaded on the interrupting crowdmember after his third shouted-out request. "I gave him two free passes," Lewis tells the audience.

"I try to be understanding ... but goddamn, it's so f--king rude," Lewis adds. "I want to see you ... You come up here and do what I'm doing."

Lewis was in Indianapolis as part of his Sinner Tour. He recently announced a 2019 trek, dubbed the The State I'm In Tour, which will begin on Jan. 24 in Dallas, Texas. The tour, which is named for Lewis' forthcoming album, will be an acoustic trek, allowing Lewis to share some of his favorite behind-the-scenes moments, in addition to his music, with his fans.

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