There have been very few "good things" to come out of the coronavirus and Covid-19. Within that small list, one item has united many Texans in agreement - alcohol to-go sales should stick around. During the pandemic, Governor Abbott has allowed restaurants and bars to offer alcohol to-go through their drive up and delivery services. Residents all the across the state have loved the changed so much that the positive response has gotten Governor Greg Abbott's attention.

As we moved into Phase 1 of Texas reopening, Abbott extended the order that allowed to-go sales to happen past May 1. In a Twitter post, he suggested that the to-go sales should continue even when we get past Covid-19. If the change is made to into law, it will allow restaurants and bars to continue selling alcohol to-go with the purchase of food. The original order was signed by Abbott in March to help aid the hard-hit restaurants and bars across the state.

Here in Amarillo, margaritas to go have been very popular at many of our Mexican restaurants. I can't even begin to count how many of my friends have been posting about it and how many memes I have seen wanting Texas to keep the to-go sales going. The current order has gotten the attention of many living in other states that do not allow to-go sales. Even before the pandemic hit, there we some to-go options available through retailers such as Eskimo Hut.


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