The weather has been wild over the past few days. The storms that moved through wreaked havoc in some places. They also dumped a lot of hail on some of us.

Last night there were all of the alerts going out about baseball and tennis ball sized hail. My wife and I stood at our back door watching the storm, praying that it would miss us.

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Fortunately, we didn't get the giant hail that others did. Now that the storm is over we have something else we need to be on the lookout for; scammers posing as roofing contractors looking for work.

It never fails. After a weekend like the one we just had, there will be several people claiming to be contractors who would just love to help you out by cutting you a deal on some roof repair.

The City of Canyon actually addressed this earlier today and gave out some really helpful information. They say that, for your protection, you need to be sure the contractor is registered and bonded with the City of Canyon and has a permit.

You can see the information and read further at this link.

It isn't uncommon for the scammers who are posing as roofing contractors to go door-to-door. Like other scams, they may even resort to giving you a call.

If you live in Canyon, just keep in mind what the City has shared. They also point out that if they're going door-to-door, the salesperson will need to have a license to do so. Just ask to see it.

Your best bet, whether you're in Canyon or not, is to go with a reputable local business.

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