Now that residents are staying at home much more than usual, the amount of waste being produced in Amarillo has also increased. More time at home means more trash being loaded in neighborhood dumpsters. City of Amarillo officials have noted the increase and have also taken note on what that could mean for our litter issues throughout the city and surrounding areas.

When trash is collected from the dumpsters or curbside carts, it is literally dumped into the top of the trash truck. With the amount of wind we see in Amarillo, it is very common for loose trash items to blow away from the truck's opening as the dumpster or cart is being emptied. With the increase in trash, that means we have, and will see, an increase in the amount of litter blown around. That is why the city is asking for all residents to please make sure all trash is secured inside of tied trash bags. This is not only an effort to keep Amarillo clean, but to also make sure the waste is being safely disposed.

City of Amarillo waste collectors are working hard to make sure they keep up with the new demand on trash removal. They ask that if you have any large items, that you contact them for Bulky-Item Pick-Up service by calling (806) 378-6813. Be sure to schedule a time before you place the items out for pickup. During these trying times, this is just one simple way we can keep our city clean and safe.

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