There's one thing I don't like seeing, those who are already in a situation that may not be ideal or what they want to be in have to go through more. as if things were bad enough last year with the Pandemic and the cold snap a few weeks back, adding any uncertainty to someone's life is no fun

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A little bit of that came into play this morning as Amarillo Fire responded to a call for service at the Downtown Women's Center when a stove was left unattended for a few moments, the cabinets above eventually caught fire and unfortunately the fire was too big to be put out by a set of extinguishers.

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Fortunately, Amarillo Fire was on scene within two minutes of the call and was able to get everything contained with the biggest injuries were smoke inhalation. According to local reports the damage is estimated to be around $30,000. mostly from fire and water damage as firefighters had to break sheet rock to ensure the fire had not spread any further than the area they were fighting in.

If you don't happen to be familiar with the Downtown Women's Shelter they offer services to those who need help in various aspects of their lives but may not have the resources to help themselves, including help with addiction, abuse and homelessness. For organizations like these every dollar counts and while having insurance is certainly a help that doesn't always pay all the bills which often times come at the cost of helping others.

There are plenty of ways to help and you can certainly reach out to the shelter and make a donation on their website.

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