Each Tuesday and Thursday, the City of Amarillo and Merrick Pet Care have been holding a free pet food drive-thru pantry to assist residents and their pets. Previously, the drive-thru was held at the Amarillo Animal Welfare and Management Department parking lot on Osage. However, due to the amount of residents needing the service, it has been moved to a larger staging location.

Starting with the drive-thru pantry on Tuesday, April 28, the new location will be at Thompson Park in north Amarillo. This new location will allow for more vehicles to line up without blocking traffic on a busy road such as Osage. The previous location had to be closed early in the past due to unsafe traffic conditions.

The new location at Thompson Park will continue to operate every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Traffic will enter on northeast 24th St. There will be multiple exit options once you are done with your pick up. Motorists will not be required to get out of their vehicles, in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Safety measures are also in effect for AAMW staff who will be distributing the food.

Officials want to remind everyone that supplies are limited to one bag of pet food per vehicle. This is to make sure that everyone who is in need has a chance to get food before the supply runs out.

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