During the last few weeks racial tension has taken on a new level of awareness, not only are people protesting all over the country demanding an end to racial inequality but now that protest has hit major company boardrooms. After decades of criticism for how their products have perpetuated racial stereotypes, four iconic American brands announced change was coming within hours of one another.

TSM Danny

Quaker Oats was first to announce a change, retiring Aunt Jemima from its brand of syrup and pancake mixes. Next was Mars, the owner of Uncle Ben’s saying that the stereotypical image was now considered insensitive and hurtful. Mrs. Butterworth’s, Cream of Wheat as well as Eskimo Pie Ice Cream Brands also followed suit committing to replacing their racially insensitive names and icons.

The CEO of PepsiCo which owns Quaker Oats said in a press release:

"There wasn't that critical mass of indignation, a sheer awareness of how bad it is.

"Now we know how bad it is. There's a tectonic shift that is taking place, and what the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back is watching a man being executed in slow motion and having that in your face."

In Amarillo Jesse Quackenbush, is the owner of Big Beaners on Coulter. Quackenbush does not see or recognize the offensive Big Beaner name or even the mustachioed, sombrero, pointy boots wearing cartoon mascot logo as racially insensitive. One thing that is for sure, Quackenbush is not short to vilify anyone who challenges his choices, calling people who have demanded a change to his restaurant name and logo as “S*** Flies” and “Snowflakes” along with a focused hatred towards the LGBTQ community.

TSM Danny

The community that Quackenbush so despises, has formed a group head up by Ali Ramos. This group is becoming a powerful organization that is standing up to Quackenbush and his racist endeavors. Through a GoFundMe drive, the group has raised more than enough money to secure a billboard on Coulter next to Quackenbushes Big Beaner restaurant. The message is simple. Words have rippling consequences. The billboard depicts a young Latino child covering his face with a sense of condemnation. The sign also says to spill the beans and to stop racism.

Quackenbush says it’s too late, he’s already ordered the cups with logos.