Amarillo is full of chain restaurants.  They are located all along I-40 and within the streets of the Yellow City.  While many chain restaurants are closing across the US, does that mean Amarillo will experience those closures?

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Hooters recently started closing many of their locations across the country. Many of these locations were underperforming.  Unfortunately, Lubbock was one of the locations that closed its doors.

What Does That Mean For Amarillo?


At the moment, it appears that Amarillo's Hooters is not affected by the closures. The Amarillo location is still listed on the Hooters website under "find my location." Google indicates that the local location is open, and posts are still being made on the Hooters Amarillo Facebook page.

We attempted to contact the local Hooters for information, but they had not responded at the time of publication.

Hooters does have direct competition with Twin Peaks less than a 1/4 mile from their location.  However, as of today, they are still open and operating off I-40 in Amarillo.   So that means your wings served by Hooters Girls are safe. For now.

Hooters Texas Closures

Unfortunately, 6 Hooter's locations have closed their doors including:

  • Bryan: 960 N Earl Rudder Fwy
  • Lubbock: 4950 S Loop 289
  • McAllen: 410 E Expressway 83
  • San Angelo: 4384 Sherwood Way
  • Seabrook: 1818 NASA Road 1
  • Wichita Falls: 3701 Call Field Rd

It's funny that Hooters is closing multiple locations across the country, but they are remodeling locations.  Corpus Christi just had a Grand Reopening on June 10th after being remodeled.

Unfortunately, it is sad when a business closes because those who were employed are now without jobs.  Let's hope that the fate of the above Hooters locations will not be the fate of Amarillo's location.

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