There is nothing like getting that first job and for many of us it's a right of passage. I remember my first real job being food service and honestly nothing against it, I'd rather be poolside in the sun. If you're that person or got someone in your house who is like that...  how bout making that first job with the City of Amarillo or Canyon?

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Yep, temperatures here in the Panhandle are starting to warm up which means pool weather is right around the corner. Both Amarillo and Canyon have announced opening days for each of their municipal pools. Labor day and May 29th respectively for both cities which also includes a new pool at Thompson Park that should be completed in time for opening day. Amarillo is looking to fill at least 100 positions including Lifeguards, Swim Lesson Coordinators, Pool Managers, Cashiers and Program Managers.

If you're interested expect to spend quite a bit of time out in the sun. It's a pool job after all! Sunscreen and sun protection are a must and there are specific requirements for each of the jobs on top of just having good transportation and being on time.

Facilities in both cities well offer sessions with time between to disinfect and sanitize as we continue to deal with COVID-19. The City of Amarillo is also mentioning that the new Thompson Park pool will also be available for rentals for private parties as well.

If you or someone you know is interested you can get the employment app by clicking here

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