Let's just start off with the obvious, 2021 has been an interesting year here in the panhandle weather wise. January came and went and February hit us like a sack of bricks. This weekend all that seemed like an eternity ago because it was so nice and sure enough today... it's cold again.

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We're in spring right? At least that's what the calendar says... They're even hiring for city pools these days. Well according to the experts we might not only see a chilly spring, summer may start off a little cool this year too.

It's all in a forecast

So what gives with cooler temps in April and May? According to the Farmers Almanac we're supposed to see a little more rain this month and then more of the same for may before we start warming up in June, July and August before things start to cool down and the rain chances go up later towards the end of summer in September and October. as far as rainfall goes, we're gonna stay dry during the hot months which isn't too far off from what the National Weather Service is saying.

La Niña is backing off.

So when you have Farmers Almanac giving a discussion like that you want all the facts and details because if you're like me... you want to spend as much time outside as possible and you want the weather to be nice. Well the boys at the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center are actually painting a very similar story:


But the temperature models are different:


It turns out the Weather service is looking at a possible weakening of La Niña in the southern pacific which means ocean temperatures are starting to return to more normal. This does have a change in how long term climate models are predicted. By the way El Niño is the counterpart. We're wetter and cooler in El Niño years, drier and warmer in La Niña. As these waters return to normal we'll start seeing more of that much needed rain here it panhandle and the temperatures moderate.

So what's all this mean?

Well... let's break it down.... It's gonna kinda get hot... Then really get hot, then cool down and rain... don't like it? wait 5 minutes.

Climate is a tricky thing. there's no one magic bullet but if we have a few less 100 degree days, Count me in!

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