When Christmas vacation starts getting closer, so does the massive amounts of tests students have to go through to make it to their vacation. Students in Amarillo ISD and all over the area are starting their semester tests this week. Here's how you can help your student succeed when they are getting ready to take their tests.

Semester tests are stressful. Not only is it testing, it's a huge part of the student's semester grade. This test can make or break the class grade for this semester. My child doesn't test well, but the added stress of passing these particular tests cause his anxiety to go through the roof.

1. Create a calm environment at home

Let's face it, the kids are already stressed about taking their tests, they don't need the stress at home. I know for my son his anxiety level is through the roof, and he needs all the calm he can get.

2. Make Sure They Get Enough Rest

Have your kids get some extra sleep the night before their tests and try not to let them stay up too late studying.

3. Help them Study

Sometimes it helps with recall if you help them with their studying.

4. Make them a Health Breakfast to Start their Day

A good breakfast filled with protein will help them start their day, and fuel the hours they will be spending taking tests.

5. Have a Plan

Help your student come up with a plan to study each subject. If the test is a paper make sure they have a plan on how they are going to write and when they are going to write.

6. Take Breaks when Studying

Sometimes your brain can get overloaded with data. Remind them to take breaks when studying.

7. Help them Believe in Themselves

Confidence is a big thing for a child or teenager. Help build them up and let them know that they are important and matter. This is just a test.

8. Relax

Help you child with some relaxation techniques they can use before their tests. If they are wound up and anxious before their test, they will be anxious through their test.

Nobody likes to take tests because they are not fun, and are usually stressful, but hopefully, your child will get through them without any problems or major anxiety.

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