Amarillo’s Bomb City Distillery is busy making smooth, locally sourced premium vodka with hand crafted stills using traditional steam heating creating a unique handmade micro vodka. Now Bomb City Distillery is distilling another 80 proof concoction. Hand sanitizer. During these trying times amid COVID-19, a nice Bomb City Martini stirred with a twist and a chaser of Bomb City Hand Sanitizer is a hand in hand must have.


Bomb City Distillery
Bomb City Distillery

From Bomb City Distillery FB:

 We have been really busy making hand sanitizer and Vodka and will be open to the public Thursday-Saturday 10am-7pm. Our Hand Sanitizer 500ML is priced at $15 and the 1000ML is $25. We will also have drink packages and Vodka bottles. We will have a drive up line for cars so you will not have to get out of your car. We are located at 306 S Cleveland just 3 blocks east of the Civic Center. If you have any questions please call us at 220-BOMB.

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