If you're the go big or go home type, or you just need the space for a ton of people, this Airbnb is right up your alley. It's the one of the most expensive ones in Amarillo on Airbnb, and it has a couple of "surprises." It's called The Big White House.

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This Is A 7 Bedroom Airbnb in Amarillo

Some of those bedrooms come with more than one bed in them. In fact, one room even includes a bunk bed. The description says that it can accommodate 26 people.

That's a lot.


How Do You Fit 26 People Into A 7 Bedroom, 4.5 Bathroom Airbnb

Great question. This is where the "hidden amenities" come into play. In two areas of the house, there are beds hidden in plain sight. Yes, this Airbnb comes complete with added murphy beds in case you need them.

Most Of The Bedrooms Are Spacious

There is a ton of sitting area in this place. There are two living areas, and there's even a spacious sitting area attached to one of the master bedrooms.

Norma, Airbnb
Norma, Airbnb

How Much Does This "Expensive" Airbnb In Amarillo Cost?

For the two-story, 4,800 square-foot home you'll pay $415 per night. Pets are allowed with a $100 pet fee.

The most interesting aspect to me is that the house is "kid friendly." There are toys and a pack-and-play included if you need them.

Keep reading to see more of the most expensive Airbnb in Amarillo...The Big White House.

One Of Amarillo's Most Expensive Airbnbs Has Some Hidden Amenities

One of Amarillo's most expensive Airbnbs is an entire house that can fit 26 people. It even comes with some hidden amenities.

This Unique Boxcar Airbnb Will Have You Ready To Hop A Train!

You want a unique Airbnb? Boy, do we have one for you.

Get ready to stay the night in a place you'd never imagine as "comfy": The Boxcar Bunkhouse.

Located outside of Canyon, Texas, this 111-year-old boxcar has gained a new life as an Airbnb and it's adorable. The countless rave reviews left by previous guests also serve to add a little shine on this listing.

All board!

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