Phoenix Youth Basketball Organization is giving back to the community with a free meal for homeless and others in need in the Amarillo area. The event will take place Thursday July 16 in Elwood Park from 5 to 7 PM.

I spoke with Keela Doerue about Phoenix Youth Basketball about the event and what it means to give back by the kids:

We, as Phoenix, are thankful and grateful for all of the strides we have made. But with that being said, we are fortunate and we want to give back. We are gathering all of our Phoenix family to feed the homeless.
This opportunity will not only help others in need, it is teaching our kids that no matter how high we get, we are not better than anyone else and when we have, we should take the a moment and give back. We will be taking precautions and wearing gloves and masks.




I also asked what the organization teaches:

Our organization takes kids of any skill level and creates an inexpensive way for children to compete. We not only build on basketball skills...but also, life skills. We teach our kids that hard work pays off and no matter the circumstances, never give up. Our parents and coaches came up with the idea to come together and get as many of our kids on deck to teach them to appreciate the small things in life.


The Phoenix Youth Basketball Organization will be at Elwood Park this Thursday from 5-7 PM. During that time they will be handing out hot dogs, chips, a cookie and a drink.

To find out more about Phoenix Youth Basketball visit their Facebook page.