Amarillo residents, mark your calendars for March 27th to enjoy a delicious sandwich for lunch or dinner.

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Jersey Mike's Day of Giving is Back

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Chowing down on a delicious sandwich is a great way to help save kids in the Texas Panhandle. On Wednesday, March 27th, Jersey Mike's is donating 100% of the day's sales to the Children's Miracle Network. Every single dollar that Jersey Mike's makes that day will go to CMN, and all that money will stay right here in the Texas Panhandle to help local kids.

It Will Be Busy!

Just be patient!

Jersey Mike's gets extremely busy that day but it is worth the wait. That sandwich will taste even more delicious because you know that you are helping to save the lives of local kids.

The best time to enjoy Jersey Mike's sub on the Day of Giving is right when they open and not during the peak times, lunch and dinner. You can still go during those times, that day but be prepared to wait a bit longer. Keep in mind the wait will be worth it.

If you are ordering delivery from Jersey Mike's that day, also be patient because tons of orders will be coming into the store.

It's about saving lives!

Don't miss out on yummy subs and saving lives! If you are dieting or don't eat bread, don't forget that Jersey Mike's also offers subs in a tub!

What does Children's Miracle Network do for Amarillo?

Children's Miracle Network exists to promote and improve the quality of children's healthcare.

CMN Amarillo is an organization that provides financial assistance to families struggling with the burden of medical bills so that they can focus on their child's recovery without any additional stress. They also work towards increasing the number of pediatric specialists in Amarillo so children can receive specialized care without traveling to other cities. Additionally, CMN Amarillo supports rural hospitals and TTUHSC by providing life-saving equipment, helping to save the lives of children.

CMN Mediathon 2023

The Children's Miracle Network Mediathon, is a day to celebrate CMN and all the families they have served and will serve.

It's a giant party where kids and families, radio and tv all come together to raise money for this great organization.

All money raised stays local (right here in the Texas Panhandle) to help local kids!

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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