Amarillo, Texas has a ton of cursed buildings.  Buildings that love to take in new businesses chew them up and spit them out.

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One of those cursed buildings is 5900 S. 45th. This location has been home to multiple businesses over the years.  At one time it was a car rental business, and there have been several restaurants since then, and none of them have survived.    It's possible it was the poor quality, poor customer service, or the cost of the product that cause the demise of these restaurants.

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What if there was a business that could break the curse of this building?   A business or restaurant that could move in and change everything.   What kind of business would it take to make this place perfect?  Truthfully it could be anything.

It would have to be something that would fit in the small awkward place where the current building sits.

Businesses that Can Break the Curse of 5900 SW 45th

This business location is severely cursed and it seems that no business can break the curse, but what if it could?

Here are some businesses that might break the curse of 5900 SW 45th.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

Who knows what the future of this building will bring?  Let's hope that whatever business moves into this building, it will shatter the record of those that have come before, and can survive.

The Curse Continues on the Amarillo Buidling - 5900 SW 45th

Amarillo is full of great buildings, however, some buildings hold a curse. A curse that causes a revolving door of business. Here is the Curse of 5900 SW 45th.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

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