Donuts are about as old as America itself. The first donuts were said to come over with the Pilgrims, who learned the craft of making them while they were in Holland in the 1600's. They were, in fact, little "nuts" of fried yeast pastry dough. Fast forward to 1809 when Washington Irving first mentioned donuts in print in the book "History of New York." In the nineteenth century, doughnuts with a punched out center were becoming the normal and you could even purchase a donut corer by mail order. The donuts we know today took off in the  twentieth century with the inclusion of icing, jelly, cream filled, and powered. Did you know that donut holes weren't really popular until the 1960's?

Every year, on October 30th, we celebrate national Buy A Donut Day. But you don't have to wait until only then to grab your favorite. Thanks to our friends at Yelp, here are the top 5 donut shops in Amarillo:

  • 1

    Rise N Shine Donuts

    3605 SW 45th Avenue

    These are the best donuts in Amarillo. They have an amazing selection and quality tasting donuts. I also love their kolaches! - Michelle A.

  • 2

    Sun Donuts

    1615 N Grand Street

    I don't care much for donuts, but this place is so bomb!! Donuts are light, airy and so dang delicious, even the cake donuts are yummy and I don't even like them. Definitely will be my go to place when I am in town! - Jasmine V.

  • 3

    Benjamin Donuts & Bakery

    7003 Bell Street & 1800 S Western Street

    As soon as we walked in we could tell this was going to be a good place. The restaurant is set up like a little cafe, with the donuts and food up at the front and then seating spread throughout the rest of the building. They greeted us as soon as we walked into the building and they were very helpful and sweet as we picked out what we wanted. We got a regular kolache and croissants. The kolaches were amazing; fluffy and delicious. They had a lot of different drink choices, and they also had the option for filling if you wanted to add it to any of the donuts. The place was very clean, with nothing on the floors or tables. Overall, it was amazing and if we ever come back to Amarillo we will be back! - Stephanie G.

  • 4

    The Donut Stop

    Multiple Locations Around Amarillo

    Maybe it's because I was born and raised in Amarillo but Donut stop has the best donuts around hands down. When I go out of town I always want to treat myself to donuts and I'm usually disappointed in comparison. I love taking my little boy here before school. We like the cherry donuts. - Savannah S.

  • 5


    4411 Soncy Road, 2823 S Western Street, 8500 I-40 East

    I love Dunkin Donuts coffee and theirs was exactly how I like it, so that's good. Friendly smiling faces even at 6 AM. But the jewel of this visit was better donuts than most Dunkin locations seem to have currently. My husband and I were both in a sweets mood before embarking on our journey home from the West, and we bit into our donuts (cheese danish for him, sour cream for me) and said, "wow, these are much better!" Nice all around. - Ginger M.

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