Earlier this week, Amazon Prime announced that it would place restrictions on the types of merchandise its warehouses would carry in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Until April 5, Amazon is prioritizing necessary household items by reducing the amounts of less essential products.

But now it's looking these measures have been taken one step further. On Sunday, Twitter users reported that their Amazon Prime orders were showing an April 21 delivery date. No, this isn't a glitch — turns out that it can now take anywhere from five days to a month to receive your item, even if they have it in stock.

Typically, Amazon Prime boasts a 1-2 day delivery time. it's one of the main benefits of being an Amazon Prime member, which costs $119 a year. That fee also includes music and video streaming perks, but the free shipping is the real draw to the service.

Amazon is looking to combat the now-longer shipping times, seeking out 100,000 new employees to work in their warehouses and deliver goods.

The various items that are reportedly receiving delays include coffee makers, lotion, calendars, computer monitor cables, and books. Customers are having a problem with the way Amazon is delegating what items are "essential" or not.

A student attending online classes may need a laptop cable to complete their courses. A guitar player might need a guitar cable to hold a live stream concert. Different items are essential to different people. But for now, we'll have to sit back and wait until April 21, what will likely be the busiest day in Amazon Prime history.

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