**UPDATE** I wrote this article before anything had been confirmed but it has since been confirmed that yes, Ted Cruz bailed on Texas to go to Cancun.

Some Internet sleuths are claiming that Ted Cruz has gone to Cancun on vacation while Texas deals with a major natural disaster. Texas has frozen over, leading to people losing their homes and those that have their homes are probably freezing inside because they don't have power. But Ted Cruz takes a trip to Cancun? Here's the "evidence" being put forth by these Internet sleuths.

Here is a photo that we know is Ted Cruz:

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Now, time for the evidence. CLICK HERE to see a series of Tweets that claim to show Ted Cruz in an airport and on a plane to Cancun.

According to Ted Cruz's Twitter account, there are no mentions of travel. So, what say you? Is Ted Cruz in Cancun while the rest of Texas freezes? I'm not sure I can come to a conclusion based on these photos. Of course, Ted Cruz seems like the kind of guy that would promptly tweet a response to these claims. But he also seems like the kind of guy that would be okay with bailing on the state of Texas, leaving everyone else to deal with all the issues.

The one photo that really points to this being Ted Cruz is the one that apparently shows his wife. Also the fact that the mask looks exactly like the one we've seen him wearing might point towards the fact that this is actually Ted Cruz. But at this point, who really knows?

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