American Aquarium unveiled big plans for a new album, titled Lamentations, on Saturday (Sept. 1). Two days later, on Tuesday (Sept. 3), the group upped the ante for fans already excited about the forthcoming project, sharing a stripped-down video of a new song called "The Luckier You Get." The band posted the video as a response to the enormous amount of support they received after asking for crowd-funding help in order to finish making the album.

On Saturday, as they announced that their new album was in the works, the band also revealed that they needed a little financial help from fans to complete their next musical chapter. American Aquarium shared a link to their website, where fans could pre-order the album as well as choosing from a variety of donation amount tiers and corresponding rewards from the band.

Contribution options range from $15, in exchange for a digital pre-order of Lamentations, plus a monthly email update, to $10,000, or "The Whole Enchilada." In return for the biggest gift, the band will provide the digital album download and monthly update, plus a signed CD, signed limited edition vinyl, a limited edition T-shirt, a handwritten lyric sheet of one song off the new album, a personalized "thank you" in Lamentations' liner notes and a stripped-down, full band live show at the donor's house or a venue of their choosing, provided the location can be routed with a tour.

The group's fans responded enthusiastically to this call to action. Just a day after their initial post, American Aquarium returned to Twitter to let fans know how much the contributions were helping the band reach their funding goals.

"Because of you amazing folks, our eighth studio album Lamentations is already 22% funded after the first 24 hours," the band wrote. "When this thing hits 30%, I'll be putting up an acoustic video of a brand spanking new song. Spread the word."

As promised, shortly after, the group uploaded their video of "The Luckier You Get." Additionally, while American Aquarium didn't have many specific details to share about the new project and its release date, they did answer a fan question about roughly when listeners could expect to have the new record in their hands.

"Spring 2020," the group replied, after a fan inquired about Lamentations' timeline. To preorder music and support American Aquarium's next album, visit their website.

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