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How about a story that doesn't talk about cold weather! Instead, here is a really cool story about love out of San Antonio.  See the sweet video at the bottom of this article. 

In a press release from Whataburger.com, a San Antonio woman pulled up to a Whataburger to get her food, and she ended up leaving with an engagement ring.

The love story of Cody and Melissa is one that could only have been cooked up in Texas!

This is a love story that started 16 years ago in the drive-thru at the Whataburger in San Antonio, on Loop 1604 and Bandera Road.  Cody was picking up his to-go order and little did he know the woman who handed him his food, Melissa, would be his future wife.  At the time, Cody asked Melissa for her number and they kept in touch.  Seven years later, they were a couple!

Last week, it was time for him to pop the question and he reached out to Whataburger to make the most perfect proposal. Cody planned to have Melissa pick up an order to go to the location where she first served him.  He would be there waiting for her to arrive posing as a drive-thru employee. When she pulled up, he would hand her order with a few extra items on the tray!  How about flowers and an engagement ring that had the initials '2JB' inscribed? This stood for 2 Justaburger's.  This was the order that she handed him in the drive-thru sixteen years ago, the first time they met! How sweet!  Who knew Whataburger could be this romantic?

The plan went off without a hitch and speaking of hitched... Melissa said yes!


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