Love is in the air, even in little old Amarillo, Texas

And young love is one of the very best experiences we can have in life. If you grew up here in Amarillo, then you likely can think back on your first romance fondly. You can also probably remember the mischievous itch to run off together and find a secret spot to cuddle up close with each other.

In nearly every city and place in town, there is a place known to locals as a Lovers' Lane. It's a casual term for a hidden area where people go to smooch and possibly knock boots with their special someone.

Lovers Lane

So, if every place in the states has a local version of Lovers' Lane, then you can rest assured that the same applies to Amarillo. Indeed, there's more than one of these little secluded sweet spots.

Now, before you read too much into this post, remember that Texas has some unusual laws concerning activities in your vehicle other than driving. Wink wink.

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So please obey the law.

But......Legal or not, people will find a place to hide and snuggle. From dusty dirt roads to darkened parks to even church basements (according to one proud comment we saw!), there's a Lover's Lane in about every area of Amarillo.

Where to Find These Secret Spots

You can probably remember a few that you went to back in the day. And a few more right off the top of your head. But below is a list of the very best places around Amarillo to go when you desire to smooch your sweetheart.

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Admit it, we all had a place we called Lovers' Lane back in younger days. And we certainly were not strangers! These are the places that we knew could be counted on as a place to cuddle up with our special someone.

Check out 10 places around Amarillo that can be called a Lovers' Lane.

Note: Behave responsibly (and within the law)...Please keep your hands above the waist!

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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