The past several days have felt much more like summer than late spring. We're already seeing highs in the 90s and even cracked triple digits in some places.

Unfortunately, this may just be the tip of the melted iceberg.

First Major Heat Wave Of 2022

There have been several articles written recently about this heat wave we've seen. Many outlets called the hot temperatures "abnormally hot." Records have been matched or shattered in several places.

The hottest in Texas over the past several days was supposedly 112 degrees. That's awfully hot for not even being in the middle of May.

What Do The Recent Hot Temperatures Mean For The Summer?

In Texas, it has a lot of people thinking back. We've seen a couple of really hot years.

In 1980, we had 69 days over 100 degrees. That year, we went 42 days in a row where temperatures were at or over 100.

2011 was the year that we saw 71 days at or above 100. It's the only year to surpass 1980. Out of those 71 days, we went 40 in a row at or above triple digits.

What About 2022?

Take a look at the Climate Prediction Center, and you won't look away feeling better. In fact, there's not much hope to be found there.

It looks like it's going to be really hot this summer.

According to their seasonal temperature outlook, we're looking at above normal temperatures for our area. That prediction covers May, June, and July.

It should go without saying, but this summer keep an eye on the forecasts. If you plan to be outside, drink a lot of water and spend some time in the shade.

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