Mother Nature is a beautiful thing, she has a way of taking care of the planet when she can.

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Rain is one of those gifts of Mother Nature.  It's nature's way of keeping plants and other essential life alive.   That's why since it is a gift of nature why wouldn't people collect the rainwater and use it to water plants and or lawns?

What is rainwater harvesting or rainwater collection?

The collection and storage of rain, rather than allowing it to run off.

Is it illegal to collect rainwater?

In Texas no, in fact, it is highly encouraged to collect rainwater.   There are laws and even tax incentives for those who collect rainwater.  Rainwater harvesting equipment and supplies are exempt from sales tax according to Texas Tax Code 151.355.

However, you can't sell the rainwater you collect.  Texas Property Code 202.007 also prevents homeowners associations (HOAs) from prohibiting rainwater harvesting systems on the homes in that group.

How do you start harvesting rainwater?

You can collect rainwater from your roof or gutters, use the downspout, and direct the runoff rainwater into a barrel or other storage container.

There are ways you can build a system perfect for your home.

Is it safe to drink rainwater?

No.  There are many reasons why it isn't safe to ingest rainwater.

You can boil, filter, or chemically treat the water to make it drinkable, but it will still need to be tested in order to make sure it is safe.  Your best bet is to just use it in your gardening, washing your car (better than tap water), or other cleaning.

While some areas of Texas get a lot of rain and a rainwater collection setup would be ideal, other parts of Texas dream of downpour days and only wish they could collect rainwater regularly.

Either way, it is legal so have fun harvesting your rainwater!

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