Traveling can be a nightmare these days.

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You book a flight only to have it cancelled and you're stuck in an airport overnight or your luggage winds up across the country from where you are traveling.  That or your car breaks down and you're stuck in some small town waiting for parts to arrive.

Labor Day Holiday Weekend To Cap Off Record Summer Of Air Travel
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The summer travel season is over, but the holiday traveling season is about to start especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas sneaking up on us.

The Vacationer looked at what cities to avoid while traveling.   They looked at 34 different cities across the United States.  They surveyed over 1000 people and asked what cities to avoid at all costs.

The survey results found three Texas cities that everyone should avoid traveling to at all costs.


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Austin is the #1 city in Texas to avoid at all costs.   It was #8 on the list of all cities to avoid at all costs in the US.



Dallas came in 2nd for Texas and tied for 10th overall.


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Houston was #3 in Texas and 13 overall.

The top cities in the US to avoid at all costs when traveling were Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, Anaheim, California, San Francisco, California, Miami, Florida.

Over 1,020 people over the age of 18 responded to the survey.  Of those surveyed 46% were male and 53% were female.

The factors to determine the cities to avoid traveling to were population size and visitor popularity to get a variety of major US cities across the country.

If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, prepare for layovers and possible delays and cancellations of flights.  If you are traveling by car, the weather is always a factor, especially in winter in states where they get snow.

Hopefully, travel won't be a nightmare this holiday travel season.

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