We have all heard about the apocalypse, especially the zombie apocalypse.

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Most of us have seen The Walking Dead, Zombieland, 28 Weeks Later, etc.  They are everywhere and they all start with some weird virus, fungus, or chemicals wiping out the world's population and turning them into lifeless flesh-eating creatures.

A new study came out naming the top cities for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, and I have to laugh because they are all giant cities.

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I especially laugh at the top Texas cities to survive an apocalypse

  1. Houston
  2. San Antonio
  3. Austin

This study done by Lawn Love based their findings on vulnerability, Hideouts, Supplies, Protection, and Mobility. The study also took into account population density, access to bunkers, and hunting gear stores.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a zombie apocalypse hits, a giant city is the last place I want to be hanging out.  The #1 reason is population. More population = more zombies.  Yes, you will find more supermarkets, hunting stores, and homes with bunkers, but you will also find zombies.  Swarms of zombies waiting to eat your face off.  Interstates and highways will be blocked off and impassable, and you'll just be a piece of meat on a zombie buffet.

In all honesty, the best place you want to be in a Zombie Apocalypse is in the Texas Panhandle and West Texas.

You need land, and you need openness to see the stumbly corpses coming your direction.

Open land means you can spot the muscle munchers from miles away.  That will give you enough time to prepare and destroy.

What about food?  There aren't many supermarkets in rural areas?

Farm and produce your own food.  Most of the land in the Texas Panhandle and West Texas is farmland.  The Texas Panhandle and West Texas is full of land, and access to seed for future crops.  You'll have to partially step back into the 1800's and farm the old ways, but it can be done.  You'll also find livestock for food, you'll just have to find a way to keep these animals safe from the meat-eating gooey-faced freaks, but after you secure your area, you'll find a way.

What about Weapons?

Did I mention you're in Texas?  You'll find barns full of tools and equipment for slicing or stabbing into the head of a zombie.  If you check just about any farmhouse,  I'm sure you'll find enough guns and ammo to last you a very long time.

What about water?

Water, yes while most of the Texas Panhandle is dry there is water running underneath the ground, you'll just have to find a way to get it out of a well without electricity.

Midland/Odessa is full of that stuff that makes just about everything work.  Oil.  Surely out of everyone that survives, some will know the ways of the oil.  If worst comes to worst, lure the bloated hungry hippos to an area with oil tanks and blow them all to high heaven.

I mean that's just my opinion, but no, I would not want to be in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio when the walking dead rise.   It would be a cesspool of death.

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