If you were a country fan in the 2010s, chances are that some of these artists were on your must-see-live list. These performers shone onstage: They captivated audiences big and small, set new touring records and redefined the possibilities of what a live show could be.

At the beginning of the decade, some of the stars on this list were just coming into their own as touring artists. Acts such as Carrie Underwood and Eric Church came of age as headliners in the 2010s, cutting their teeth in small venues before graduating to amphitheaters and, finally, stadiums.

Then again, other superstar performers have been at the top of their game throughout the decade: Artists including George Strait continued to prove their staying power throughout the course of the 2010s, playing to crowds that spanned generations.

Though the top acts of the decade run the gamut in terms of style and generation, each one put on an unforgettable, not-to-be-missed live show throughout the 2010s. Flip through the gallery below to see all our picks, and let us know what we missed in the comments section.

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