Don't believe all the negative images you see on the news -- there's plenty of good in this world.

A total stranger recently bought Jeff Smith, a fast food worker in Lawrence County, Tenn.,  a new car.

The two struck up a conversation outside a dollar store when the man saw Smith's tattered 1991 Geo Storm with 350,000 miles on it that had no driver's side window and needed a string to keep the door from flying off.

The stranger led Smith to a car dealership and before he could say "test drive" bought him a used 2001 GMC Sonoma without even telling Smith he was going to purchase it.

All the man, who insists on remaining anonymous, asked in return is that Smith pay it forward. Smith is onboard, saying, "He said someone did a good deed for him. He did this for me, and now it's my turn. It's just a blessing. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

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